Sunday, July 17, 2011

Clark's first post

Thanks to all who have taken the risk of buying a book from a new writer.  The reviews for Prophets of the Ghost Ants from readers as well as professional reviewers has been so gratifying.  As of today, I have 350 "likes" on Facebook and have sold about as many books.  That's a very good start before we have even started our campaign.   The ants go marching one by one, hurrah. 


  1. Great book. When is the sequel out??

  2. Thanks for reading, thanks for asking! If the book gets picked up by a publisher or the film goes into production, I will be able to focus on the sequel. I am doing research on tree top canopies at this time. Indy authors need all the help they can get,so if you can post a review where you bought the book and spread the word, it would be appreciated.

    Best to you,


  3. My pleasure, to be sure.

    I'm not sure about being picked up by a mainstream publisher, but everything I've read regarding your PR so far says that you already have been optioned for a film, so I assume that's happening.

    I'm just hoping that you're not in a situation where there's a three, four-year gap between books. It's a common problem among sci-fi readers. My wife reads trashy romance novels, and those sequel books seem to come out three per year only months after the original. It's ridiculous.

    I'd be happy to post a review on Amazon, if you wish.

    Best to you and yours as well.

  4. Thanks so much, I would love a review on Amazon. I am told this is how books sell there. Yes, unless I get to put aside all the other writing and things I do for a living, the sequel may be a ways off. I work on it when I can. Should our film project suddenly take off, that would leave me all the time I need to work on the sequel -- it would be more like hard play. I really enjoyed writing this book. Best always, Clark.

  5. Greetings, Mr. Carlton.

    Ok, it's been a year. What's the update on the sequel?